Stainless Steel

All our jewellery is made from Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel (Surgical Steel) is allergy friendly.

The silver Stainless Steel pendants are polished, sea water resistant and will not tarnish.

The black Stainless Steel pendants have their colour from being forged in fire and not being polished afterwards. When worn continuously, they will show no sign of oxidisation. They will show signs of wear, meaning that the black oxide scale will slowly rub off in time. With most pendants that leaves a desired and unique antique effect on the surface of each piece.

This pendant has been worn continuously and shows the desired antique effect.

Our jewellery is made to withstand the strands of time and the waves of the ocean.

Wrought Iron

All our Home Decor is made from wrought iron. Each piece is treated with a protective clear lacquer.

This letter opener is around for more than 20 years now and shows no sign of wear and tear.