Welcome to the Celtic Kiwi Project

The Celtic Kiwi Project is an initiative to support people with Down-Syndrome to express their creativity as artists.

The Beara Blacksmith and his team support and host the Celtic Kiwi Project by teaching people with Down-Syndrome the art of forging. With 40 years of being a professional blacksmith, the Beara Blacksmith passes on both traditional and contemporary forging techniques. Gaining experience in the craft of blacksmithing will enable our artists to create their own metal art independently.

The aim of the Celtic Kiwi Project is to help our artists to make a living out of their art and develop confidence in their own creative and physical abilities. Pieces of art or craft sold in the Celtic Kiwi Collection are designed and created by people with Down-Syndrome and showcase their unique creative talent. In the beginning stages of the Project, our Collection mostly consists of paintings and handmade earrings. This helps our artists to support themselves while they are still learning the craft of blacksmithing.

People with Down-Syndrome are born artists who create intuitively in the moment. The energy and pure independence of their expression is magnificent and an inspiration to every other artist or the person who contemplates their art. Art pieces created by people with Down-Syndrome are an invaluable contribution to the art world and our society.

It is the goal of the Celtic Kiwi Project to guide people with Down-Syndrome into being self confident and increasing their self-worth. Unfolding their artistic skills will guide them into experiencing their ability to be inspirational to others and independent in their choices.

Jessie JaneĀ“s Collection